Introduction to this document

Evacuation procedure

In the event of a fire, ensuring everyone’s out of your building should be your primary consideration. However, how this is achieved shouldn’t be left to luck. It’s something that should be formalised so that if the worst case happens any evacuation is conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

A clear set of rules

In the event of a fire, your first goal is to ensure all of your staff and visitors are safely evacuated from your building. To achieve this in a prompt and safe manner use our Evacuation Procedure. This document clearly identifies what actions should happen, both on suspicion of a fire and if the fire alarm is activated.

Display in a prominent position

For your emergency procedures to be effective everyone on your site must be made aware of them. To achieve this post them on notice boards, in your reception area and on your company Intranet (if you have one). You should also make all staff aware of the procedure on their first day of employment, possibly during any induction process.