Introduction to this document

Method statement and risk assessment

So that your staff and others are made aware of the safe systems of work to be followed on your construction project, set them out in a method statement. This should be supported with a risk assessment.

What’s  covered?

The first page provides space to insert company logos and the details about your company. Here we suggest adding your office address, a phone number and a contact e-mail. On the front page is a space for signatures. Boxes include “Method statement prepared by” and “Method statement reviewed by”. The reason that they’re on the front page is to make it clear that the company is committed to following the contents.

Staff contact details

The third page identifies who is completing the job. Here you will find space to provide details of the “Principal contact” the “Site manager” etc. Following on, there’s space for the names of the staff working on the project and their role on site.

Staff training

The fifth page of the document “Site staff training record” should be completed before work commences. This is where you record that you have briefed your staff on the contents of the document and they have understood it.

The job

Section two is where you identify the “Site details”. This includes the “Site address” the “Nature of the site” and “Site security/protection details”. This is followed with one with boxes to identify the “Scope of the work” and other information relevant to the project.

What you’re going to do?

Section six, “Methodology (sequence of work)” is where you should identify how the job is to be completed. This information should be in chronological order and be written so that those completing the job easily understand it.

Risk assessment

The last two sections of the document “Site-specific risk assessment” and “Risk assessment” are where you should identify the risks associated with the work and how they should be managed. The site-specific document should identify the particular risks on your site, e.g. it’s near a busy road, there are other contractors on site etc. The risk assessment section should cover the tasks detailed in the method statement.