Introduction to this document

Health and safety induction checklist

When you recruit a new employee, a thorough health and safety induction is a must. Our checklist will give you a helping hand.

Why use it

Our Health and Safety Induction Checklist is designed for completion by the new employee. This encourages them to take responsibility for their own safety.

What’s covered?

The contents are arranged under five sub-headings and include three full pages of questions. The headings are:

  1. General.
  2. First aid.
  3. Fire safety.
  4. Work equipment, machinery and vehicles.
  5. Substances.

There’s also a short set of test questions for the employee to demonstrate that they have learned what’s required from the process.

How to use the checklist

It tells them to tick the boxes shown after each question, putting “yes” or “no”. There is also a column marked “N/A” (not applicable) but it’s recommended that this is reserved for the manager to use. For example, those questions which do not apply to a particular post could be marked in advance before the form is handed to the employee.

A further column is headed “F/I” (further information). If there are comments to add against a question a tick should be marked and details included in the appropriate space at the end of the form.

Once the induction has been completed satisfactorily both the employee and manager should sign the boxes on the final page.