Introduction to this document

First aid needs assessment

To keep your employees safe and comply with the law you must have a sufficient level of first aid cover. Use our document to carry out and record your assessment.

Do you need to do this?

To comply with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, employers must complete an assessment of their first aid needs.

You are not obliged to write down your assessment, however you will find it helpful to do so. This is because your record will show the factors which you took into account when you considered what first aid facilities and personnel were necessary. This will help to demonstrate compliance and makes it much easier to re-evaluate your requirements in the future if something changes, e.g. you move premises or add new activities.


What’s covered?

Our First Aid Needs Assessment helps you to consider a number of common factors before determining your first aid provision. It’s based on HSE guidance, therefore by using our form and working through the process systematically you should meet the legal requirements.

It’s sensible to refer to the HSE’s guidance L74 when deciding on the level of first aid provision: