Introduction to this document

Driver safety checklist

If you have workers who regularly drive on company business, you need to ensure that you have safe systems in place. To monitor this, work through our checklist.


Managing driver safety

With the police now looking to establish if those involved in road traffic accidents are driving for work purposes, it’s important to be seen to be proactively managing driver safety. One way of doing this is to work through a Driver Safety Checklist. This consists of a series of questions which cover:

  • checks of the driver’s licence, recent convictions and documentation for their own vehicle (if it’s to be used on company business)
  • reminders of your company rules, such as on the use of mobile phones and smoking in vehicles
  • confirmation of details such as breakdown cover, road fund licence renewal and insurance for company vehicles.

This document refers to the driving of company vehicles as well as employees’ own cars. It does not, however, cover the special requirements for driving heavy goods or passenger vehicles.

The document ends with signature boxes for both the manager and the driver. This will provide a record of what was checked, said and passed on.